June 1st, 2012

We would like to take this time to inform everyone about a new organization called San Diego Coastal Marine Development.

The staff and crew of Waterhorse Charters, along side of other prominent dive enthusiasts here in San Diego, are in the process of building this organization to promote tourism to San Diego, especially in the dive industry. We also plan to build a new website as the place to go to for information on current, new and upcoming dive site attractions.

Our main mission is to add attractions to the SDURA (San Diego Underwater Recreation Area) and MBAR (Mission Bay Artificial Reef) as well as create new underwater parks. The benefit of these new dive site attractions will be Scuba Diving Tourism for San Diego. These unique underwater playgrounds will be a draw for local divers as well as from all over the world. Many industries will benefit from these sites including the airlines, hotels, restaurants, dive shops & charter boats.

Stay tuned for more exciting information.

Inquiries can be sent via email to:
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